Couchmen Barebones Snare Pad

Couchmen Barebones Snare Pad

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Produced in conjunction with Power Percussion pads, featuring our Logo boldly stamped on the playing surface! 

Our Barebones Snare Drum features a classic double-sided design. Using eco-friendly materials provided by Beetle Percussion, this pad checks all the necessary boxes for modern percussionists. In our eyes, this product contains all of the essential elements of a full-sized snare drum pad. #getbetter using products designed for progression.


  • Recycled rubber playing surfaces
  • Sleek, black, and Valchromat base
  • Double-sided design
  • Lightweight and portable design 


  • 10" circular playing surfaces
  • 1/4" topside with rubber rim 
  • 3/16" backside with no rim