Couchmen Barebones Travel Pad

Couchmen Barebones Travel Pad

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Produced in conjunction with Power Percussion pads, featuring our Logo boldly stamped on the playing surface! 

Our Barebones Travel Drum features a double-sided design on our unique oval base. Using eco-friendly materials provided by Beetle Percussion, this pad checks all the necessary boxes for modern percussionists. Combining portability and power, this product will always be there when you need to learn. #getbetter using products designed for progression.


  • Recycled rubber playing surfaces
  • Sleek, black Valchromat base 
  • Double-sided design
  • Lightweight and portable design 


  • 4.75" x 10" oval playing surfaces
  • 1/4" topside with no rim 
  • 3/16" backside with no rim