The Couchmen were born in the most typical of ways: procrastination. While avoiding projects in-between semesters of college, boredom ensued and the Couchmen Drum and Bugle Corps Facebook Page was born.

The mission of the Couchmen today is much the same as it was back in the Fall of 2012: bring humor and happiness to an activity that is sometimes guilty of taking itself a little too seriously.


Its hard to have a conversation about humor in Drum Corps without a mention of the Velvet Knights. Based out of Anaheim, California, VK was known for marching in Red high tops, Hawaiin Shirts, and baseball caps among other things. Though they’re no longer around today, their impact on the activity certainly lives on.


As our social media presence grew, one amusing side effect kept occurring. When people first stumbled across the Couchmen, they wondered “Is this real?” We of course, had to play along.

To solidify the idea that the Couchmen were in fact, a real drum corps, we decided to establish a visual identity. Thus, a logo was born. We’ve been through several iterations since, and as of 2018 have landed on our current logo: A classic shield with our trademark partially eaten donut.


During the summer of 2018, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Stanbury Uniforms, one of the most skilled and trusted Uniform Companies in the activity, to create an actual Couchmen uniform.

With help from Artist and Designer Kelsey Heater, the Couchmen developed a classic, timeless uniform that encapsulated both our sense of humor and the rich sense of history and tradition that permeate throughout Drum Corps.